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Holtan's TnC Sporting Goods, LLC is a locally owned enterprise. We have a combined experience of 44 years of experience in sporting goods.


We enjoy the level of personal service we're able to give our customers. In our store, you are able to test the equipment before you buy and repairs are FREE for the guns and bows you buy from us.

Enhance your hunting results by using deer minerals or an attractant. You can get deer accustomed to coming to your spot for beneficial minerals before hunting season opens. The right minerals will even support antler growth.

Beneficial Deer Minerals

Family-Owned and Operated

•  Antler King

•  Big & J

•  Lucky Buck

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Monday - Friday: 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM

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FREE repair of your bow or gun when purchased from Holtan's TnC Sporting Goods, LLC.


Big & J Antler King Lucky Buck Big & J Antler King Lucky Buck