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Archery has become a high tech industry. There are so many ways to make adjustments before you'll get the accuracy you want. Let our archery experts tune your new bow and get you set up for maximum efficiency.


We'll make sure you are comfortable with your new equipment and know how to maintain it.

When you purchase a bow from Holtan's TnC Sporting Goods, LLC, we will do all the preparations and adjustments before you leave the store.



New Bow Set-Up

Bow Tuning

•  Custom fletching

•  Trimming

•  Inserts

Custom Arrow Making

We sell all you'll need to get into archery, whether you plan to hunt or want to shoot targets. We have all the supplies you'll want and can advise you on helpful accessories. We even have a video archery range! Stop in our store and try out the latest in archery technology.

Your Archery Headquarters

FREE repair of your bow when purchased from Holtan's TnC Sporting Goods, LLC.