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We bring you the best in archery products with the line of Mathews bows and accessories. Come in and get your hands on Mathews. Try it out in our video archery range. You'll see why the Mathews line is a favorite with

serious archers.

At Holtan's TnC Sporting Goods, LLC, you will find the compound bows we believe offer the best value. Besides the Mathews brand that we've sold for the last 15 years, we carry Mission, Ravin and TenPoint Crossbows.

Powerful Compounds and Crossbows

FREE repair of your bow when purchased from Holtan's TnC Sporting Goods, LLC.


Mathews Brand

•  Bow sights

•  Quivers

•  Bow string wax

•  Stabilizers

•  Arrows

Archery Accessories

You'll want to try before you buy. We have a video archery range that allows you to "test drive" our bows. Our small town service sets us apart from the big chain stores. We're family-owned and operated and our service extends beyond the sale.

Video Archery Range

Mathews Mission Archery by Matthews TenPoint Crossbows IMG_1243 Archery_hero ravin