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Practice Makes Perfect!

Shoot targets at Holtan's TnC Sporting Goods, LLC 3D and 2D Indoor Archery Ranges. Call now!


Looking for something fun and inexpensive to do – either solo or with friends and family? Stop in to enjoy our 3D and 2D indoor archery ranges and have fun while honing in your gear!  Stay warm and dry while optimizing your archery equipment with the knowledgeable and helpful staff at Holtan’s TnC Sporting Goods.  We have the tools and experience to make your gear operate at peak levels!

Enjoyment For The Entire Family!

Mathews Mission Archery by Matthews TenPoint Crossbows

Prepare yourself for the hunting season by practicing and challenging your shooting skills at our indoor target shooting range. Contact us if you are interested in competing in our individual and team bow shoots that are held throughout the year!

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